Naming the farm/community garden

Found site for “Hayes Valley Farm” today.

Someday maybe we should label the empty lot where I’ve just planted a bunch of seeds.

I never thought to call it “farm” thinking it was more of a community garden.  It’s close to the size of that demonstration garden they have at Lake Merritt’s garden center.

Uptown Farm sounds silly.  At the same time it sounds cool since a farm can encompass animals and bees, too. Farm grabs your imagination more than Community Garden. Nobody had a “community garden” in the 19th Century did they?

Oooh, Fox Farm.  That takes the name of Fox Square (the new pocket city park) and Fox Apartments and Fox Theater. Like my favorite dirt producers up in Arcata, Fox Farm Soil & Fertilizer Co.  But maybe that’s too many foxes.

OAC inspired abbrevs: Oakland Apple Connector. Organic Animals ‘n Crops.

Anyone have name suggestions? Naomi?



ps:  given the times, maybe a good word to include in any name would be “bear.” ergo “weeds.”

2 responses to “Naming the farm/community garden

  1. Hey Naomi, thanks for the mention. I think what you’re doing is an amazing thing! I think you might be able to make a party out of the naming and bring in community involvement. You could solicit names for a few months, compile them, and then have people vote on those names for the next few months.

    Grow food and community!

    Peace and keep growin,

  2. Hey Chris, thanks for the compliments on my gardening efforts.

    A compliment is a fine thing, and I’m happy to see yours even if it’s directed to someone else 😛


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