Rationale behind occasional doom’n’gloom

I write about gloomy ideas sometimes: needing to cut the city budget, cut bloated city staffing, downshift from cars to busses, trains and bikes and skateboards.  But we have no choice — that’s reality.  I like trafficking in reality, not fiction nor hype. “Hope” will not get us anywhere.

When I put up posts such as “city of oakland needs to cut budget this year by 10%” which necessarily means cutting 10% of the workforce, or cutting people’s salaries and rich benefits by 10%+, I don’t take joy in the consequences such decisions would bring. But does it not need to happen?

Does anyone want to earn less money for the same amount of toil? No. Who wants to cut staff numbers? Only a sociopath or CEO. Or a termed out politician without election worries.

So, this blog is my “gift” of sorts to city council.  I put out extreme ideas, just like Charlie Pine seems to (remember back in the day when he was saying OPD was half a police force?).  I don’t think his ideas are super extreme.  Lately new OPD Chief Anthony Batts has also said OPD has only half the manpower it needs.  You can debate his motivations (covering ass, asking for more manpower/ resources) but he’s come out and said what Pine’s been saying all along.

I put forth what may have seemed to be “extreme” ideas so that politicians can take a step closer toward realism in their decisions, and therefore seem less extreme… because some bloggers are already much more “out there.”

It’s not that at least some of the politicians don’t see the writing on the wall or know the truth.  Like the Oakland voting public they may be behind the curve more often than we’d like.   They are bound fiscally to their major donors, or bound to previous easy decisions made by themselves or their predecessors.  And remember, we vote for the people who promise us the most Free Shit. (Which is what gets us into later messes — remember Prop 13?)

I don’t get much response here when I say Oakland as an organization or institution is a dinosaur like GM.

This is probably because very few read my blog.  I’m not famous. And maybe I’m just stating the obvious. So there you have it.

Some of my posts are uplifting too, you just need to keep watching the blog. 😉



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