Uptown Food update

There are plenty of places to eat in Uptown at all hours.

Corporate food at Taco Bell, Pizza Hut, Subway (even inside 19th St. station during biz hours, underground) during “biz hours.”

Small indie shops and food carts like Hal’s Dogs, Catered to You, Fat Cat Cafe, donut shops, cafes every block(?), B Rest., Levende East, PBC, Chef Edwards (yum!), 24-hour Giant Burger, Lukas-Ozumo-Mua-Pican, Chinatown restaurants galore…

Well, some New Food is coming this Spring 2010 — tentative list.

  1. Bakesale Betty ][ across from Luka’s Taproom
  2. Pizza/Beer place on Telegraph by Flora/FOX
  3. Taqueria place run by the Flora folks, by Flora/FOX
  4. Ice Cream parlor near Somar — ask me for details

Some other new food has already arrived.

Check out:

  1. Sean’s fresh hand-rolled sushi at SomarBar Thursday thru Sunday eves
  2. Korean(?)-run taco truck — very occasionally posted up around UptownNightClub/FOX/vanCleef

Merry Christmas!


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