Tweeting Oakland911; city disaster prep 411

If you want to know more about any emergencies in and around Oakland metro, tune into Oakland911 on twitter. News posts are supposed to cover only major emergencies, although we’ll throw in occasional minor happenings or preventative info during news droughts.

This is an unofficial account I started as a public service. Looking to add other admins shortly. Direct message or mention @Oakland911 in your posts to be retweeted if and when important news happens! Major 3+ alarm fires, riots, biggish quakes, nuclear attack, etc.

If you are interested in being part of any local solutions, you may want to enroll in the City’s CORE classes.

I’m really curious what City of Oakland’s disaster plans are for a major earthquake.  I haven’t confirmed this at all, but OPD HQ is supposedly retrofitted to implode instead of falling onto the surrounding streets, in a major quake. Likewise it is apparently officially condemned but I haven’t confirmed this either.

I was quoted in Forbes a while back talking up our region’s quake risk. The later a quake happens the worse off we may all be. I wouldn’t really count on city/state/fed/utility support and grocery store resupply right away, or even after a week. Recall Katrina, and how very broke our state/nation are. We’ll probably depend on each other. At the very least, we shouldn’t count on outside help. If SF is lucky, the new billion dollar eastern span of the Bay Bridge will remain standing to allow food supplies to enter that city.

In August I found by asking CCM Nadel (thanks!) that the city claims to have a 12-14 day supply of fuel for all vehicles including emergency vehicles. Something to think about. I believe that’s an OFD figure and it came back with no further detail.

Of course, thanks OFD/OPD and other first responders!


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