Keeping the A’s, going for the World Cup…

I’ve signed two pro-sports petitions recently to give Oakland a sporting chance at remaining/becoming a sports destination. I love futbol and went to lots of games in Asia…and I used to play coed pickup games in Berkeley a lot when I could bike there from North Oakland. Alas, I live in Uptown now and that is no longer possible.

In any case, here is the A’s petition, followed by the world cup petition:

I just signed a petition to urge Major League Baseball and team ownership to keep the A’s in Oakland. I hope you’ll take a minute to sign it too:

Let’s Go Oakland! is a group of A’s fans, business people, labor and community leaders who are committed to keeping the A’s in Oakland — and building a new, destination ballpark on the waterfront.

But it’s about much more than just building a ballpark. As part of a larger plan to build new hotels, restaurants, and cafes, a new destination stadium will attract visitors from all over the region. Like AT&T Park did for San Francisco, our ballpark will be a catalyst to bring new investment and jobs to Oakland, kick-starting the next phase of our community’s successful economic development.

Please join me. Sign the petition, and urge Major League Baseball and team ownership to keep the A’s in Oakland!

And here’s the soccer petition link: Oakland: The Game is in US

Today EastBayExpress writes that the Oakland Coliseum board officially blew a smooch to the “grassroots” effort to bring the World Cup here. According to OaklandNorth, Oakland is competing against 26 other US cities, not to mention other countries.  If chosen, Oakland would see a one-time tourism revenue and image boost from the 2018 or 2022 World Cup games.  It’s definitely a long shot and I doubt Oakland will win, but it’s not out of the realm of possibilities.

If Oakland did win, it would mint Oakland’s image as a serious tourist-artist city, somewhat more competitive with San Francisco, San Diego (ahem bike taxis), Brooklyn and Seattle. It would also raise the city’s profile as a young, hip city with ample public transit, natural beauty, sunny weather and more… a place for more folks to reverse white-flight into.  Not to be mean but maybe the Lake Chalet would even improve their service and menu by then! (Just judging based on overall yelp reviews…quite a few disappointed customers!)

If Oakland CEDA and Metro Transportation Commission (MTC) had chosen to build rapid bus transit or true streetcar system in between downtown Oakland, the Coliseum and OAK airport, then the city would have much more credibility to build out the Coliseum business area, and thus win the World Cup.

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