Remember that waste of money, the OAC?

The OAK Airport Connector. You keep hearing about it and don’t want to keep hearing about it. Join the club.

Well, it is a huge waste of our taxpayer money so you will keep hearing about it from me until MTC+BART-CoO cancel it and build the best alternative possible.

We know what the best alternative is. We know that the best alternative costs 1/5 the $0.522 Ba-hillion OAC. We know that only $25MM out of that $0.522 will be “lost” if the OAC is not built.

AirBART Bus photo by LAW

We ALL know that the OAC will not provide up to “15,000 jobs.” BART Board: STOP LYING. This is a huge waste of money — stop trying to play out your fantasies from 1989 and bury this make-work project. Now.

The ONLY Oakland politician supporting this lame project is do-nothing Dellums. Go figure.

And on his twitter account updated 2 hours ago, the link to his “letter” in support of the OAC does not even work:

The page /storage/pdf/100609_mrd_letter_oac.pdf could not be located on this website.

Mayor Dellums, why do you support the OAC? Are you getting kickbacks for this? You want the short-term glory of a short-term jobs boost with Absolutely No Long-term Jobs potential? No follow-on economic development?

BART’s reporting to the Feds says the project provides 689 short-term construction jobs. Hurrah. Far cry from the “15,000” jobs advertised by BART director Kerry Hamill. BART’s Board of Directors is really out of its gourd.

Why not lie further, OAC backers, and claim 50,000 jobs created? Fanatics know that the bigger and more persistently you LIE, even more gullible people will believe you. That is how Hitler got his start, how Karl Rove operates and how our “leaders” in DC and NYC told us that “without bank bailouts for their $billions in risky loan mistakes and attendant bonuses, the banks would fail, the country would implode and millions of jobs would be lost.”

We all know how that turned out. 14 million Americans officially unemployed, with more daily.

The banks — BofA, Wells Fargo, Citibank, Chase-JPMorgan, GoldManSacks — were and are too greedy to fail. This OAC-BART boondoggle is also too greedy to fail. We, the people of Oakland and the SF Bay Area do not want one red cent wasted on a 27 mile-per-hour air “train” that doesn’t even get us to Terminal 1.

OAC = BTN. Bridge to Nowhere.

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4 responses to “Remember that waste of money, the OAC?

  1. sheesh B, you gotta pace yourself or the people who get paid to promote this public works projects will outlast you. there will be plenty more bad projects to oppose down the pike.

    • Haha, thanks Len!

      We still feel some gratification from having beat down the puny attempt to erect an ugly parking edifice in the Uptown district by the FOX.


  2. Yes, Oakland gives back 17.4 million to SF’s MUNI if this project doesn’t go through. Cutting this project is a great idea for SFO and BART extensions to San Jose and other places, but how does Oakland compete with SFO?

    I’m not worried about a region which constantly denigrates Oakland and uses it as a thoroughfare to somewhere else. Oakland International is losing market share to SFO’s BART friendly airport. A bus for Oakland is not the answer since Oakland already runs a bus.m Oakland should take the money and build the best possible seamless system. I’m not interested in subsidizing MUNI with what Oakland gives back.

    If you want to fight a boondoggle, fight the billion dollar HSR through the Peninsula and into a dead end in downtown SF while completely leaving centrally located Oakland without a station.

    • Hey Nav,

      Good point about the HSR. But don’t worry about the HSR, it is unlikely to ever be completed. The State would disintegrate before then, no?

      This country is full of boondoggles from Wall Street to the military (socialist institution if you ever saw one) to ethanol fuel to Afghanistan.

      Then there’s the people from Albany NY to Oakland CA who beat back congestion pricing on their freedom machines.

      I know what you mean about buses not being that great but hereza counter-example:

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