Uptown Weekend: Koreatown and Loud Music

I missed today’s “northgate/koreatown” street festival with blocked off telegraph with booths. Instead I observed Lafayette and diablo valleyans having a good time at their beer/wine festa. It was not so interesting, hot, and I wasn’t impressed with any of the drinks or food served.

Back in Otown, a band called “further” is playing at FOX Oakland all three nights Frri-Sat-Sun and the fans are making a fuckload of noise until 3am last night, and as I write at midnight tonight, probably doing the same tonight.

I ought to stab the drummer. But maybe it’s our fault for moving into an apartment complex across from multiple music venues. I saw some dirty hippies running out behind our car from the garage too, they are living out of a truck on 20th next to the Uptown Apts and part of this hairy hippy fest.

I wonder what the big deal is, and what these hippies do for a living. It seems like their Christmas/New Year or something.

Speaking of which, happy new year to all the jews in Oakland. Cheers.


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