Awesome new burger joint!

I stopped into Chef Edward’s BBQ this afternoon for quick grub. It’s like a small cozier version of the old Mel’s Diner in Berkeley. The staff are warm, the food is good ‘n hot, and they even topped off my lemonade before i left! Service with a smile baby. (not with a snarl)

I’m not sure why most of the corporate barracks set who live in The Uptown haven’t found out about it yet (surely a couple have). May be that it’s across San Pablo, across a dividing sea of poverty and therefore a heart of darkness or place where few Uptownians dare tread.

Most people living at Uptown walk to and from BART to their dayjobs, or drive to their work, and would rarely be curious enough to jaywalk across to the other side of the street.

San Pablo is to the Uptown complex as 980/24 is to Temescal vs West Oakland. Cross it, and find interesting gems like Chef Edwards.

Like Bakesale Betty, and unlike Black Muslim Bakery, this is a legitimate small business we all ought to be supporting. (like Giant burger but yummier.)

This place isn’t new in any sense except that I found it today; was taken there by a friend is more like it. Reasonable pricing too… you get better food than Subway next door (and a complete ‘meal’) for just a dollar more. It’s been open for I don’t know how many decades… quite a few. Worth a visit!

4 responses to “Awesome new burger joint!

  1. There’s a 10-week old hot dog place in SF on Market @ 6th called “Show Dog” that’s as good as Chef Edward’s. The only difference being they serve organic hot dogs instead of burgers.

    This part of Market is going to be turned into an Uptown-like Arts & Entertainment district too. They have BID-funded cleaner dudes just like DTO.

  2. Chef Edwards current location is new. Its former location was on the southeast corner of 20th St/Thomas Berekeley Way and San Pablo Ave where the Uptown apartments are today. It’s been open at its present location for about 2 years. Good food, polite staff, but the food is pretty average. They could step it up with better coffee and 100% maple syrup on the waffle and flapjacks.

  3. hey thx for the 411! sound suggestions too.

  4. Always thought of Chef Edwards as a BBQ joint with the best sides anywhere. Fond memories of the creaky painted green wooden screen door and the step up into a narrow space with counter seating. The new place is slicker, no longer funky, but the smiles and the caring service remains, and it’s worth the longer walk from my busstop. I always carry an extra plastic bag in case of a sudden craving for brisket.

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