Cows…in Berkeley? Jobs…in Oakland?

Hey, remember when “colored” people were the only ones complaining about jobs? Now it’s “middle class” people too. Except that the latter for now are taking their lumps and paying for their kids’ unpaid internships, stuff-white-people-like style. Nary a complaint, no  [Of course, in the past several years the former have been also complaining about police brutality (Marcel Diallo) or killings within the black community. As the church sign on Telegraph says, “stop black on black violence.” So does that mean start black on  (other) violence?, I had to wonder. Anyway, due to lack of money in the ghetto, it is a bit like watching spiders in a jar. The more you add, the more they start eating each other. It’s genetic. I am ashamed to say I did that once as a kid.]

Big surprise. After 30 years of increasing our debts to “eat the future” and giving away (“offshoring”) our manufacturing base to the world for increased corporate profits, and still with a 70% “consumer spending based” economy, we can’t build/borrow/”innovate” our way out of this mess, much less exit a brown paper bag with arrows pointed toward the opening, or repave Oakland streets properly — that is, to 1940s standards.

Time for triage in Oakland street repaving; time for triage in American job creation. I can tell you one thing. Obama isn’t going to create many long-term jobs. So much for change. Besides repair type jobs, the next big jobs wave will be farming. I feel really certain about this based on all the anecdotal stories about people gardening and beekeeping in Oakland and nationwide more than ever these past few years.

What else do we have really, which could generate enough jobs? Please don’t tell me government. Government and government-run entitities needs to take a severe diet. Car and housing related employment is dead for decades. High tech outsources and centralizes more jobs than creates new ones.

1 in 9 Americans are now on food stamps.

We’re going back to the future, 1849 before Industrialization Part 2 took off in Britain in 1850.

The jobs situation certainly will get even worse. Baby boomers competing with OTech grads for Long’s and WalMart cashier jobs. I see those old people working at Long’s. No retirement for them. And no retirement for you and I. More of us working part time without benefits. (The joke of 2009- “i spotted a dinosaur! it’s called a full time job with benefits.” And it’s all because our cheap oil & energy is going away and there really are too many of us for the land to support properly.) Time to stop relying on government and corporations, and start relying on ourselves. Friends and family. Local networks.

Becoming self reliant/staying alive, whether homeless or royally underwater, is the new full time job.

Ask the new homeless tent city citizens of Sacramento, Ontario, CA or Rhode Island. Ask the homeless in Oakland or Fremont or San Jose. Check out the economic refugee stream from CA to Texas, especially Austin. CA now has a bond rating worse than Russia! (reported in Bloomberg last week.)

I noticed the past few weeks that our regular UPS driver in SF (an Oakland DJ) has been out. In his place, there is a 60(?) year old small scrappy old white guy with liver spots and square gray plastic glasses and skinny legs who looks like a skinny version of Warren Buffett in shorts actually doingg physical labor. I feel bad for him. But that is our new reality and we’d better get used to it.

As mentioned in Mish’s post here, baby boomers really are competing with their kids and grandkids. Welcome to Cambodia, everyone! Except in Cambodia there are hardly any old people. Know why?

Of course our other growth industries are going to be: security, food prep, barter, making things, being frugal. Re-using everything. No waste. We aren’t totally there yet.

Americans will not be able to use credit cards ever again. This is final. Economic Janitor Obama has made sure of it with his bankings buddies.

ps- if you look at the job loss charts at the link above, you’ll see that oil price spikes preceeded every major recession since 1970.

73, 82, 91, 08

pps- so where do YOU see jobs being created in OAKLAND? I mean, besides the gun-toting Bank of America guard variety, or the private patrols in certain monied districts. (Rockridge…)

I see a few possibilities in food services. Bakesale Betty’s always seems fully staffed up, even now. SF Metreon now has a year-round FARMERS MARKET instead of a useless PSP gaming room. That’s SUPER AWESOME! Maybe there is a possibility for that in Oakland somewhere. There’s a food truck craze in LA, new FRO-YO places every time I turn around (SF/Oak) and all manner of food carts in SF! (curry, creme brule)

I know of a former investment banking analyst from NYC who’s working for Scream gelato at the Temescal farmers market. He was smart and left the Wall Street mafia several years ago.

I know a hot-links cart vendor who works nights in front of the Uptown Night Club. It’s one way to scratch out a living. Can everyone be employed serving each other food or cafe at Awakening/Farley’s/Zaya/Pete’s/SBux? No. But it’s going to remain an option. Hey, part-time hours with no benefits beats no hours and no benefits.

Want a job? Think FOOD.


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