Tonight’s inadvertent Grand/Lake walking tour

So I took a walk tonight. According to google maps, 5.1 miles.

I meant to take a simple jog, but haven’t gone in a long while (had been sick) and my shoes are old so it hurt too much to jog. I walked around a third of the lake then decided to check out how retail is doing on Grand and Lakeshore Aves.

Lakeshore: 6.5 for lease signs. (.5 = not sure) Gap “baby,” some useless clothing shops, and maybe an eatery.

Grand: 18 for lease signs or empty storefronts. I don’t know what most of them were, but one was an extraneous nail/hair salon. Keep in mind Grand is 2-3x longer than Lakeshore but on a similar length of road, it was still 8 on Grand, 6-7 on Lakeshore. So Lakeshore is doing very slight better — or “only” being stabbed 6 times instead of 8 if you are a realist.

Restaurants (korean, thai, indian, etc) only had 1-2 tables of patrons each, or a few folks at the bar. This was around 9-10pm though so not prime time. Bars were the same way.

I found a bunch of places I’d like to try out sometime with the oakland blogging crew (or simply with friends).

Commercial RE is indeed effed up this year in Oakland. According to what I read it’s like that “countrywide.” Hah hah. People are finally saving instead of over-reaching with debt-financed spending. What a danger it was to have a 70% consumption-based economy based on cheap fossil fuels! (foreign imports, “destination retail” as David O correctly points out, cheap oil powered debt) All eggs in a basket. Now it’s humpty-dumpty time. But things will change for the worse, then better.

The rental market is supposedly saturated with foreclosure folks but there are simply many people going homeless in their cars, or moving in with kin according to the WSJ or some paper.

So the rental market is dropping too, along with housing prices. This is good news for regular people who still have jobs and have saved up money. In a few more years, housing in the bay area and other cities may approach real affordability — only 3X annual gross salary! We have a ways to go I guess.

A smattering of homeless guys in dark trees at the lake; hiding at higher elevations. Saw one of two guys sleeping at bus stops, and by the door of the church by Giant 1/4 burger on Telegraph and 22nd. The yooszhe. (how can Ahn’s Burger be closed at night?)

I didn’t know “the cunt” was double-sided! (What one of my pedicab customers calls the new glass-steel catholic monolith at lakeshore & 27th.)  There are ballroom or swing dance classes on Monday nights at the Veterans building on Grand at Lakeshore. There was some kind of music class at the sailing boat house tonight too.

I saw a gaggle of brown pelicans floating on the lake by the hill of canadian geese-mowed grass. Lots of people (generally couples) hang out in cars by the lake discussing life or making out. I suppose they are white; it was dark. See below.

met a homeless guy named “pink cloud” tonight who was gathering petition signatures for a PG&E (obviously) funded state ballot initiative to require a 2/3s vote to pass any public city power funding or infrastructure agreement – including “community choice aggregation” — verbatim! I HATE PG&E and other corporate, for-profit utility companies.

Publicly owned utilities are much better and faster at adopting “green” renewable energy power generation — LADPW excepted.  (LA bought cheap coal for decades before anyone “knew” about global warming/co2 implications, and it was really cheap.)

Sacto SMUD is doing well on renewables.

Austin, TX’s public utility is doign well — as are the city’s coffers.

Imagine if Oakland and SF raised revenue from having municipal power companies! Instead, we feed the fatsos who work at Beale and Market Streets in SF. I’ve been inside PG&E for high level meetings…everyone is well fed. That’s great, IF you are a PG&E (or any other corporate utility) employee. Pension, etc.

I signed anyway cuz pink cloud told me entertaining things and i want him to eat, and i know that pg&e’s 1-2 million in signature gathering and upcoming TV ad blitz virtually guarantee that they will CRUSH public power / CCA schemes — against the will of the public.  Stupid overused/abused state proposition process.

</tonight’s rant>


One response to “Tonight’s inadvertent Grand/Lake walking tour

  1. Interesting having fought for public power myself back during the manufactured energy crisis. On Lakeshore right now there are 2 properties which have vacancies which are problematic, and only one of them is a recent vacancy. The other vacancies have existed because their owners were not yet ready to rent.

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