So who will help me bake this bread?

[8/4/09 update – read “sustainable blather” by an ashland, oregon permaculturist]

I like to think of the empty Uptown lot between Uptown Apartments, the 60%-off-Uptown-Apartment-price orange apartments, the FOX and Sears as an empty slate. Somewhere that a little red hen could peck some living out of the ground by planting wheat. Hence the title of this post.

We’ve one big dirt lot with a bunch of gravel strewn about, native plants (weeds), a sometimes doggie pooch runabout lot, and a perch for pigeons and giant ravens. Measures at least 100 by 200 feet in size.

Who will guerrilla garden the lot with me?

It is August and too late to plant sunflowers (should be planted in april/may) or corn… and the soil is mostly dustry, compacted clay. Here’s what should happen.

a) drop a few bags of compost on the ground in a geometric shape. (rectangle, triangle) maybe turn half of the area before doing this. water.

b) wait a month

c) plant garlic, because it grows all winter. everyone eats garlic right?

So who’s with me?


2 responses to “So who will help me bake this bread?

  1. I imagine local-food operations where the abandoned car lots are on Broadway between 28th Street and Grand Ave. But there is a vast difference between the cultural values of City Hall and radical culture change. City Hall stills lives in the cheap-energy-slave world, in spite of the economic implosion here (and everywhere). Thus their focus on “destination retail”, which is an insult to the intelligence of anyone with a basic understanding of peak oil. But time is on the side of sustainability because the alternative is … well … unsustainable. The rich developers and industrialists of the era of Browns’ war on Oakland, will have less and less relevance without the cheap energy to build their monuments to themselves.

  2. I think guerrilla gardening is a great idea, but I wouldn’t eat any root vegetable grown in untested soil. Garlic is a known hyperaccumulator of cadmium, which if eaten then bioaccumulates in human tissue. I’d suggest wildflowers in any untested vacant lot.

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