Green shoots! in Oaktown

Woah, look at our local economic recovery. Finally, real green shoots!

My corn children

my corn children

Quick! Someone call Larry Kudlow at CNBC and the WashPost guys! Green shoots found in Uptown! But seriously, it is green shoots in Uptown and Temescal. New restaurants, muay thai kick boxing to replace an auto body shop near MacArthur BART, and another cell phone shop at the corner of 40th/Tele. A nice revival to welcome the can’t-afford-SF set. Brown shoots for Grand Lake and Rockridge.  Theater and retail store closings, etc.

This scene from my balcony and others like it are being realized all over Oakland… I know my old neighbors grew plants and raised bees and chickens. Just this week, an LA Times reporter called me to ask about my old chicken ordinance petition from spring 2008. The interest is there.

And the MSM is covering this relocalized economy because they need some happy face stories. Advertisers and buyers like happy talk. Let’s check out…

See? Good-bye “consumer” and wall$treet paper economy. Hello real economy.

And people whining about the state budget cuts need to wake up. We’ve enjoyed living in a very special time in human history. Fossil fuels (100-200 “free” energy slaves per American) powered cheap education, subsidized schooling (propaganda if you prefer), welfare of all kinds, and paved yellow brick roads in every formerly rich ecological zone in California.

The fossil fuel fiesta — as Chevron ads repeatedly tell us — is ending so we are painfully reverting to historical averages. Only the rich got education. Most people farmed. (95% instead of 5%) Nobody drove a car. Hot baths were a luxury. (unless you lived near geothermal hot springs:)

Get used to it. Let’s make the best of our lot and feed these green shoots to some pandas 🙂


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