Flip the scrip’: NO currency at all baby!

I’ve been harping about local currencyfor a while . Yes, it is an ivory tower type idea which doesn’t work well, and can’t compete very well with the dominant currency. It is not our savior, just as “Obama” and mere hope is not our savior.

Money causes problems. It enables loan sharking, bribery, extraction of “capital” from a community, and makes many of us work wage slave jobs. Local money would still be money. And few people would accept it.

As of today, I will no longer push for this idea. It’s a dead end.

Better idea: NO money. Trade goods via barter instead.. Trade whatever you have for what you want…

Our enemy is money. We should rely on the earth, gifting of essential goods/services and personal relationships instead. These will make us all stronger.

I’ve seen the phrase “trust is the only real currency.” To that I would add, the things we really need to survive — water, food, clothes, shelter, security — are also real currency.

  • Air – required
  • Water – required
  • Food – required
  • Security – nice to have
  • Clothes/Shelter – optional, nice to have
  • Relationships – semi optional, great to have

Are you with me?

When money is worthless and your credit card / home equity line are shot to hell, personal relationships and the land are all you have left. Build those up now and at the very least, you’ll have a healthier life.



4 responses to “Flip the scrip’: NO currency at all baby!

  1. Am I with you? No, not really. Call it credits, call it money, call it what you like, it’s all the same. Unless you want to return to the caves (and there just aren’t 6.5 billion habitable caves in the world), how are you going to make or acquire anything you can’t manage to build yourself?

    Ultimately, the human race is potentially much greater than is obvious right now on this planet, unless we screw it all up entirely, which is entirely possible.

    If you go back to something like barter (the only currently known alternative to money in some form), what do you reckon would be fair exchange for say a rocket ship, or a space station?

    Without money it would be difficult to levy taxes – that’s about the best reason I can think of for doing away with money and I have to admit it’s an attractive one.

  2. David Oertel

    The prevailing preoccupation with money is just a symptom of the highly alienating and isolating culture that we live in. People relate through money more easily than through caring social relationships. We struggle to save enough money to provide for ourselves through emergencies and old age and so on. A healthy community would care for its old and weak as one of its main functions, even its moral duty. I agree with bringing money to an end; but you would have to instill in everybody a strong sense of community service, simple living, compassion, sharing, and the like. Good luck transitioning to that from this current insane culture! But if such an “ancient future” community does exist and it only has three people, count me in!

  3. i agree about the ancient future. i’m there too (:

    in japan, they may have westernized in the 1800s, but it’s all about RELATIONSHIPS there.

    makes certain things tougher, some things easier.

    americans have expeected to receive top notch service based on a piece of plasic. that’s over now. from now on it’s what can you do for me, are we friends or not, and the human touch…

  4. @AF: I guess what I am getting at is this. It’s time for one big RESET.

    There’s some Indian guy who wrote about societies’ cycles and how it goes from warrior class, to worker/maintainer class, to bankster/usury class.

    And at part three, that is where you have Madame La Guillotine, as someone else put it. Which is why in France, the super elites there treat their peons better than here.

    Time for some pitchforks. Note: Obama will be spending his summer vacation this year at Martha’s Vineyard, where a lot of Goldman Sachs executives also hole up. GS has had record profits this year. They were his largest campaign contributors.

    Do you see any dots that can be connected?

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