State invents own currency; why can’t we in Oakland?

Commentary on Oakland/CA/US/World this week…

I’d bet that not many of you would like to be paid in California IOU bills. But how about Oaklandish Oak Leaves?

This would be barter of time/effort made official, and tradable. And, I’d make this Oakland “bill” usable only in the current calendar year. Year 2009 Oak Leaves must be used up during 2009.

Better for local businesses who accept the payments. Better for everyone. Annual jubilee!

Now for other stuff. Mostly related.

  • A great quotation! From Dmitry Orlov, whose book Reinventing Collapse I suggest you all go read at the earliest opportunity. (It may save your life later!)
    • “What actually happens to an economy and a society under such circumstances? With oil in short supply, industrial production plummets, the economy stalls, there is a financial crisis because of debts going bad, followed by a commercial crisis because of falling demand and lack of credit, followed by political collapse caused by dwindling government revenues, followed by social collapse as unemployment rises and crime becomes rampant. After a while of this, the idea of you and your friends going out to the oil field and pumping some more oil starts to seem rather odd, and so oil production heads to zero.”
  • What is “Freedom”? Yeah, the old J5 song. Wrap your mind around this fact: our American “freedoms” are all based on ancient sunlight we burn daily, representing $4million of human labor PER AMERICAN PER YEAR. Yes, fossil fuels are our free “energy slaves” — about 200 slaves for each of us. Until the oil runs out that is… (think of the phantom oil and coal slaves heating and cooling your shower water, pushing your car/bus/train to work and back, growing, fertilizing and transporting your food for you, etc…)
  • Former CA Gov Gray Davis reflects on past & present.
  • For Vivek on the CIA’s Iran machinations–check out this story. Anybody who changed their twitter icon to “green” last couple of weeks is a Complete Tool.
  • Please call Con-gresswoman Barbara Lee and ask her to support an audit of the “Federal” Reserve, which Texas Rep. Ron Paul is pushing for. This ought to rankle Oakland OBAMA adorers… I voted for him myself, but he isn’t a “hero” by any means.

Obama the anti-hero, economic janitor

As someone else has said, Big O’s job is economic janitor — turning off all the lights in an orderly manner, and keeping the powerful and rich banking elites happy.

Is it any surprise that Obama is emphatically NOT going after our dastardly evil banking elites when “investment” bank Goldman Sachs employees were Obama’s largest pool of campaign contributors?

No really. Obama was the elite’s pressure release valve. We still have 500,000k+ newly fired and layed off workers evey month in the US. The government under-reports inflation and CPI using “Core” CPI; why wouldn’t they then under-report our unemployment rate?

Yes, BLS reports “U3” unemployment now, discounting discouraged and no-longer-looking unemployeds (“U6” unemployment) since the Clinton  days. shows that we are already at 20% unemployment:



Chart of U.S. Unemployment


One response to “State invents own currency; why can’t we in Oakland?

  1. “Anybody who changed their twitter icon to “green” last couple of weeks is a Complete Tool.”

    General Beg, is a hardline anti-American, pro- nuclear proliferation, retired general who declared solidarity with the Taliban and Osama Bin Laden after 9/11. It is completely in his best interest to undermine any anti- Ahmadinejad movement in Iran. He has bought out supreme court (PK) judges and has blocked investigation into the death of his predecessor, in which he is accused of involvement. He is not exactly the icon of truthful integrity and unbiased opinion that warrants calling other people “tools” based on his unsubstantiated word alone, especially when he has been a major player in a deal with Iran’s Revolutionary Guard in which Pakistan would supply nukes for oil.

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