Freedom in Uptown

Happy 4th?
We have the…

  • freedom to be taxed more than “socialist” EU countries, for less benefits
  • freedom to be fleeced by our government to pay corporate robber barons who are “too big to fail” (TBTF) — aka freedom-from-failure
  • freedom to avoid nasty chemicals in everything we use and eat and drink

Color me half empty!

I was happy today though to see a man and his two dogs freely using public property.

The empty Uptown lot, for a span of 15 minutes or so, became a dog run for someone’s two manicured poochies.

And I loved it. Finally, someone is using the empty Uptown lot!

Taggers are also busy making their mark on the -inside- of the green “temporary” wall.


2 responses to “Freedom in Uptown

  1. David Oertel

    For peace and serenity, I recommend the post-industrial walk from 29th Street and Broadway down Broadway to Grand Ave. Check out the latest tags and plants growing-up through the asphalt and concrete on the West side of Broadway. Still haven’t seen any quail or rabbits, but give it more time.

  2. hm. i’ll check that out when i’m feeling better. thanks!

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