Busan Telegraph

The 20s on Telegraph have always had Korean shops – well for the last ten years anyway. Renaming it? OK it’s maybe annoying but so what?

If the now rich man behind Busan Plaza (er, Koreana) paid off city hall officials, good for him. That’s like everyone asking to have some of the bread the red hen baked, when they didn’t do the work.

If people are complaining now, they should read my blog’s about page.

Yes, one dollar equals one vote. Always has. This is just more obvious, as the Korean biz owner (cw reporter referenced him as a “godfather of koreatown”) does not have a PR flack like Obama or any corporation.

If people want to die over this name change to part of Telegraph, more power to them. However, I think we have more important things to talk and blog about.


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