Crime Management: Beat 4x, Uptown

Just FYI, everyone probably already knows this who cares, but OPD’s web listings of who the current PSO and NSC staff are for each beat is outdated and wrong. Just call the numbers on their page and you’ll be told the correct info.


Current PSO: Marcus Campos (listed incorrectly as Albert Smith)
Current NSC: Michael Sze (listed incorrectly as Monique Tsang)
Monthly NCPC Meeting: 2nd Wednesdays, 6pm, City Hall Hearing Room 3

Monique says the department is aware that it needs to update its website. This problem has existed as early as 2007-08, when I let PSO Everett in my old hood know that the site listed someone else as our PSO. (Maybe the PSOs are shifted around the city too frequently for IT to keep track?)

Current issues at athe NCPC meeting which is prioritized for the PSO, per my conversation today with Michael Sze:

  1. Prostitution on Jefferson bt 8th and 15th streets
  2. Robberies at Broadway on both sides of 14th street
  3. Graffiti around 15th~17th streets

Next meeting of the Uptown NCPC is next Wednesday the 11th.

Make sure to hit up for their new and improved crime incident maps.


NCPC: neighborhood crime prevention council. the city has a bunch of these, administrated by city staff (NSC)

NSC: coordinator for local NCPCs

PSO: problem solving officer – a veteran OPD officer assigned to work on quality of life problems in a particular beat of Oakland; not the same as a “walking officer.”

Walking Officer: an OPD officer assigned to walk in and get to know business owners, residents and others in a particular neighborhood, ie Temescal or Rockridge. Acts as publicly funded mall cop for a business district, but better.

Beat: A sub-division of Oakland which is patrolled by our police department, under a larger “area command.”  Oakland is still(?) under former Police Chief Wayne Tucker’s “geographic policing” management style.

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