FOX Atlanta vs FOX Oakland

Fox Theatre in ATL has a 5-star yelp rating with 72 reviews. Didn’t know that was possible on yelp 😉 Maybe ATLiens are less discerning?

What’s funny is someone has the same complaint about sound there, similar to complaints about Oakland’s FOX on yelp. That is definitely more of an issue with this venue than parking availability.

Speaking of the empty lot next to the FOX, it’s great that the City of Oakland decided to NOT approve a paved parking lot there after all. Now it’s time to help guide the city with a great list of focused, well thought out alternatives. If that’s not being done already, that is.

The Saturday May 9th show of “The Shins” looked packed and sold out like the rest of the crowds here. Nobody complained about parking that I heard of. As I stopped in front right after the show let out with my bike taxi, some bridge and tunnel people asked, “Are you willing to take us to San Francisco?” Never thought I’d see crowds of San Franciscans humping it over to Oaktown in BART’s flying plastic boxes for some good nightlife!

Speaking of nightlife, I’ve seen Universal film crews filming scenes in Chinatown and on Broadway, mostly at night. Anyone know what film they are doing? There’s also a possibly unrelated film being done in Oakland, about roller derby girls.

The city/RDA, FOX renovation donors and APE deserve credit for bringing another good institution back to life. Oh yeah — and the high oil prices of 2008 too! The only way to break the back of unsustainable Suburbia.

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