Today’s RDA/CCEDC Meeting (2pm) re Uptown empty lot

Make sure to review these papers before calling the committee members to give your views on a parking lot vs alternatives in the empty Uptown lot.


Legislative Background (context: present/future claims on the space)

CEDA Recommendation (pro parking lot)

And as much as I’d love to see one there, unless people are willing and able to pay for it, we should not be promoting more park space. Even as much sense as it makes to us. Context is important: the city can’t afford to maintain its current parks, not to mention build/maintain a new one.

Bring your good ideas and push for alternative uses! Thanks.


3 responses to “Today’s RDA/CCEDC Meeting (2pm) re Uptown empty lot

  1. is anyone still on here? ever hear of ‘gorilla gardening’?
    it is starting. please reply if you are interested in having
    food growing in your neighborhood.

  2. yes, heard of it years ago and have done it for years now. working on it…

  3. glad to hear it, ken. would you care to network so that we can collaborate and coordinate? i have joined an east bay home gardening group. we help you and you help us. we pick a yard or community garden and gang up on it for a few hours.

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