The macro picture

as much as i’m (and you’re) interested in local politics, development and events, we’re also all interested in national and global trends. so, i thought this article was just too juicy to not pass along to Oaklanders.

I love the attributed-to-mark-twain quotation “history doesn’t repeat, it rhymes” – same shit, different names. The above inspection is uber historical and definitely vibes with our “modern” day.

Also reminds me of Mike Ruppert saying in November that Mumbai signaled the “end of modern industrial civilization.” Thanks to writings like this, by James Lovelock (revenge of gaia), Jared Diamond (guns, germs, steel) and others, I tend to believe that.

Nature has its cycles. Individuals grow and die. So do communities. So do nations and civilizations. We (america/global urban civilization) are not any more special than the previous umpteen nations and civilizations of the past. Just the biggest that we know of to date. Happy monday!

ps: check out Dr. Housing Bubble’s California budget and May’09 propositions update.

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