2010 Oakland Mayoral Election

Time for Oakland’s Mayor to Step Down, follow Ex-PD Chief Tucker, Ex-CEO Edgerly

“The hottest places in hell are reserved for those who, in times of great moral crisis, maintain their neutrality.” —John F. Kennedy misquoting Dante (24 June 1963).

Even Clinton Killian is out saying Mayor Ron Dellums is doing a piss-poor job. This from a shady 2008 city council at-large candidate who shelled out for at least two expensive billboards. But he does make good points, even if we already know them. Even earlier this week Democratic Machine Boss PIRATA was saying similar things.

I wonder if everyone who voted for Dellums gets it yet. After finding and reading some Oakland blogs (where the real coverage is) I got smart — over a year ago now. As far as being politically hip in Oakland goes, I was born last year, not yesterday. There must be thousands of Oakland residents who’ve never seen or read an Oakland political blog or yahoo mailing list of any depth. Clueless voters. And who can blame them?


Why aren’t we asking Dellums to resign? I don’t know De La Fuente very well and have heard mixed reviews, but at minimum he is probably our best bridge to FY2011. DLF seems competent enough.

Killian mentions a list of contenders. I would say absolutely no to Uhuru fellow traveler Councilwoman Jane Brunner or any current city councilmember, with the exception of “IDLF” (above) or Pat Kernighan, and I’m not so sure about these two. Maybe. Attorney John Russo seems like a tough nut. He’d be good. It’s not a matter of “who’s better than Dellums” but “who’s going to be the best Mayor?” I don’t know if Patrick McCullough would want the onerus task of being mayorl

Parents protest 1/2 time principal in LA

Here’s a video of parents protesting a half time school principal in LA. They know how to handle employees “skipping class”!

7 responses to “2010 Oakland Mayoral Election

  1. I wouldn’t be so quick to believe Killian’s list of possible contenders. I think it’s safe to say that none of the people he listed are running for mayor, except for possibly Jean Quan.

  2. If you read Matier & Ross yesterday, Don Perata’s official announcement that he’s running for mayor has caused Russo, Brunner, and Ignacio all to withdrew officially from the race. Evidently only Jean Quan thinks she still has a chance.

    I don’t especially like Perata, but the FBI has been trying to pin something on him for 5 years without success, which either argues that he’s innocent (gee, ya think?) or that he’s the most competent crook we could find. At this point I think I’d go for a competent crook.

  3. Hah. They know how the game works. Unless we get a superstar, looks like he’s next in line. Time to start a petition and hurry up with the inevitable.

    Too bad Mr. Brown isn’t available: http://jerrybrown.org/node/189

  4. I’m not at all sorry Mr. Brown isn’t available. Mr. Brown’s ego – his insistence on strong mayor government – set Oakland up for its current disastrous state when a “strong mayor” city is run by a man who apparently can’t make a decision. I voted against Mr. Brown both times, AND against his “strong mayor” charter changes – for all the good that did me.

    • Hm, thanks for the enlightenment. What I know of Brown is that he initiated the 10k residents in downtown plan, which seems to be succeeding.

      About his other efforts, I don’t know anything except for a political horse trade called former OPD Chief Tucker, which I am glad to see gone now. I’ve also read that his dad was liberal and he was not — and pushed through Prop 13, which has f’ed us over ever since.

      So, 1 step forward, 2 back?

  5. I’m actually old enough to remember Pat Brown, and yes, he was a liberal who did a great deal for the state. I also remember “Governor Moonbeam” – Jerry’s first round at the job. As much as I dislike Jerry, I can’t really blame him for Prop 13 – the force behind Prop 13 was a now deceased don’t-you-dare-tax-me bigot called Howard Jarvis, who used the initiative process to force his preferences on the entire state. Frankly, the Jarvis anti-tax movement was so strong that I don’t think it mattered where the governor stood. The only time in my life I ever walked precincts was against Prop. 13. It was also the first time I predicted the disasters that would happen if the thing passed, and then got to watch them all come true.

  6. What we need now, is a strong movement to repeal Prop 13, and phase it back in over a 10 year period. This will probably free up valuable urban land for all sorts of uses. I am guessing that Burger King and McDonald’s in Oakland are paying very, very little in the way of property taxes for all the blight, heart disease (west oakland’s BIGGEST KILLER) and garbage they create.

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