Rising Sea Level Impact on Oakland

At least once a year I hear about how rising sea levels caused by human-induced global warming will affect our urban environments. Today, SJMerc writes about how rising waters will affect the SFBay.

They base their story on a new Pacific Institute (DTO nonprofit) study. Their server must be overloaded because It’s a slog to see PI’s site to view the original report. 

Here is a good sea level map tool which centers on our fair city, showing that Oakland Airport would effectively be underwater if the bay rises 3 feet. So, chalk up another reason not to build an Airbart “train-in-the-sky” connector from Coliseum station. So would SFO, BART and NYMTA, which is why The Gav, DJ Blumenthal and his SFEnvironment crew are pushing so hard for climate change mitigation, along with their cohorts in other big green cities.

On the bright side, we’ll be able to paddle around downtown and perhaps create a Venitian tourist trap.


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